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Projects and Initiatives

In order to better take stock of current work being done in the realm of doctoral education, ‘Projects and Initiatives’ presents information about projects being carried out by organizations related to postgraduate training and management. Projects listed here share a common focus, all or in part, on African higher education.

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CHET Logo2 Centre for Higher Education Transformation (CHET)

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The Centre for Higher Education Transformation (CHET) is a non-governmental organisation located in South Africa that mobilises transdisciplinary skills for specific research and capacity development projects by tapping available expertise in the national and international higher education sector. It offers a variety of documents, data and projects related to higher education and doctoral education in Africa.

CHET's research areas include differentiation, HE & democracy, HE & development, governance, knowledge production, performance indicators, post-secondary education, and university engagement. It publishes the the African Higher Education Open Data and the South African Higher Education Open Data


Tasks: Research, Information, Network

Target: Managements, Deans, Academic Staff, 

Country: Botswana, South Africa, Tanzania, Mozambique, Ghana, Uganda, Kenya, Mauritius


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HERANA - Higher Education Research and Advocacy Network in Africa 

The research component of HERANA is investigating the complex relationships between higher education and development in the African context, with a specific focus on economic and democratic development. HERANA is currently in its third phase. Phase I focused on the relationship between higher education and development – economic and democratic – in Africa. Phase II consisted of the enhancement of information capacity-building for evidence-based policy-making and management, the development of a better understanding of the national higher education commissions and their roles in policy coordination, and a study of the incentive/rewards of African academics. The current Phase III  focuses on the institutionalisation of six years of capacity building in performance data collection within the eight HERANA network universities (Botswana University, Cape Town University, University of Dar Es Salaam, Eduardo Moondlane University, Ghana University, Makerere University, University of Mauritius, University of Nairobi, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University), combined with the promotion of developing institution-specific policies to contribute to the institutions’ knowledge-producing capabilities. This will form part of a larger set of activities to develop a group of research-intensive flagship universities in Africa.  


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