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Innovative Approaches to Doctoral Education

With special focus on Africa


Welcome to the International Association of Universities’ (IAU) portal on doctoral education! IDEA-PhD stands for Innovative Approaches to Doctoral Education in Africa, which is exactly what this portal is about. On the different portal sections you can find a lot of information about what it takes to ensure successful doctoral education and research. Resources range from the origins of PhD programmes to supervision support and funding opportunities. The aim of the provided information is to assist leaders, academics, administrators, technical support staff, students, and researchers alike to easily find documentation and tools to increase their capacity.

This is a true networking platform. The portal connects universities across the African continent and beyond. It aims at providing a basis for partnerships and exchange, but it does not stop here. It also brings researchers and funders together and offers a unique way to connect everyone interested in doctoral education, focussed on Africa but effective globally. Feel free to use all the information provided and take part in this global community by submitting additional information and links that will contribute to enhancing the vibrant, local (and global) research climates, exploring the full potential of higher education systems across the African continent and advancing national development in African terms.


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