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The International Bibliographic Database on Higher Education (HEDBIB)

The International Bibliographic Database on Higher Education (HEDBIB) provides members with access to bibliographic information on past and current articles, reports, papers, research findings and details of books concerning higher education published from all around the globe.  It is a useful tool for an international literature search. Where freely available, links to electronic documents are provided to access full text documents. IAU Members benefit from additional services, including accessibility of abstracts and the option to e-mail search results, as well as full access to the IAU journal Higher Education Policy.

To perform your own search (available to IAU members and non-members) please go directly to the HEDBIB site. Suggested keywords: Doctoral Programmes, Doctorats, Doctoral Education, Doctoral Degrees, Quality Assurance, Internationalisation, Research, Supervisors, Educational Outcomes.

The IDEA-PhD team invites you to explore the most recent extraction, which provides a bibliography focusing on doctoral education.

IAU HEDBIB Extraction for IDEA-PhD February 2018.

YearLanguageSearch 'Developing and Managing a PhD' 


Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctorate Programmes (Action 1). Recommendations and examples of good practice applied by Erasmus Mundus EMJD project consortia.


Presents a list of good practices and recommendations from current ,coordinators of joint doctorate programmes intended to inform and support other coordinators in mounting successful programmes.

2012  English 

Institutional Source: Erasmus Mundus

Guide de Formation du LMD : À l'usage des instititions d'enseignement supérieur d'Afrique Francophone. Associations des Universités Africaines.


Ce guide élaboré par le Groupe de travail sur l’enseignement supérieur (GTES) de l’Association des universités africaines (AAU) et le Réseau pour l’excellence de l’enseignement supérieur en Afrique de l’Ouest (REESAO) est destiné à l’usage des institutions d’enseignement supérieur d’Afrique francophone. (IPAGU).

2008  108  French  pdf

Institutional Source: Institut Panafricain de Gouvernance Universitaire (IPAGU)

Guidelines for Preparing Regulations for Doctoral Degree Programs.


Document developed by the Commission for Higher Education in Kenya outlining the general terms, scope, and basic information that should be included in the regulations of new doctoral programme offerings at Kenyan universities.

2008  English  pdf

Institutional Source: Commission for Higher Education, Kenya

HERANA 2 Meeting Notes.


Document describing the proposed deliverables, observations and follow-up tasks of the HERANA 2 Meeting at the Lanzerac Hotel in Stellenbosch from 24-26 October 2011.

2011  English  pdf

Institutional Source: Centre for Higher Education Transformation

IAU Seminar on Doctoral Programs related Data Collection and Management. University of Douala.


Document presenting the objectives and session schedule of the IAU Seminar at the University of Douala, Cameroon in collaboration with the University of Ottawa, Canada from 28 – 30 March 2011.

2011  French  pdf

Institutional Source: International Association of Universities

Intellectual Property Issues in International Research Collaborations.


Presentation by Alphonsus Neba from the Office of Research and Development, University of Botswana at the African European Residential School in July 2012 describing the framework and the basics of international property.

2012  62   English  Power Point

Institutional Source: Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU)

References - IAU Project on the Changing Nature of Doctoral Programmes.


Presents a bibliography of references in French and English used in IAU's project on the Changing Nature of Doctoral Programmes in Africa.

2010  English  pdf

Institutional Source: International Association of Universities

The eLearning Africa 2012 Report.


Edited by Shafika Isaacs and David Hollow, this reports features several pieces about ICT-enhanced learning and training to inform policy and practice that can enhance development and growth in Africa.

2012  56  English  pdf

Institutional Source: E-Learning Africa

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