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Funding Opportunities

Consistently highlighted as a principle challenge to delivering doctoral education in Africa, information about funding opportunities available to doctoral programme administrators and graduate school managers from various funding agencies and their programmes and projects are provided here.

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Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)

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National Agency (Japan)


Different programmes per country. Please see here: Countries

Main Objective:

In today's knowledge-based society, higher educational institutions bear strong demands to play a role in research and development, education and social contribution—a role, that is, as "intellectual hubs" of knowledge and information. In developing countries as well, there is an increasingly vital role for higher educational institutions to play in meeting society's expectations in fostering human resources, particularly highly skilled professionals and researchers to support industry, to lead nation building, raising the intellectual level of society and contributing to industrial and regional development.
As globalization progresses, it has become increasingly clear that higher education institutions in developing countries cannot survive in isolation from the outside. Accordingly, there is a strong move to develop educational and research activities by forming academic exchange networks with institutions and researchers in other countries to enable the mutual utilization of respective advantages.

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