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Consistently highlighted as a principle challenge to delivering doctoral education in Africa, information about funding opportunities available to doctoral programme administrators and graduate school managers from various funding agencies and their programmes and projects are provided here.

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Public Organisation (Belgium)


VLIR-UOS supports partnerships between universities and university colleges, in Flanders and in the South, looking for innovative responses to global and local challenges.
VLIR-UOS funds cooperation projects between professors, researchers and teachers. VLIR-UOS also awards scholarships to students and professionals in Flanders and the South. Lastly, VLIR-UOS helps to strengthen higher education in the South and the globalisation of higher education in Flanders.

Main Objectives:

VLIR-UOS supports short-term projects between individual professors and teachers, 3-6-year partnerships between departments and comprehensive 6-12-year partnerships at institutional level. Recently, VLIR-UOS has also started promoting the creation of national networks.

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