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Consistently highlighted as a principle challenge to delivering doctoral education in Africa, information about funding opportunities available to doctoral programme administrators and graduate school managers from various funding agencies and their programmes and projects are provided here.

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Social Science Research Council

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independent, nonprofit international organization (USA)


The SSRC nurtures new generations of social scientists, fosters innovative research, and mobilizes necessary knowledge on important public issues.

Main Objectives:

The SSRC’s agenda, in terms of topics and activities, is not static, and we engage new areas of work when social science, in alliance with other fields, has an important contribution to make to understanding and problem solving. In recent years, we have focused on conflict and peacebuilding, the public sphere, knowledge and learning, and strengthening global social science. Current areas also include deepening the understanding of religion and analyzing the United States from a human development perspective. Major new initiatives are under development on the anxieties of democracy, cities, digital culture, and exploring “scholarly borderlands,” which will bring social scientists in closer collaboration with both natural scientists and humanists.

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