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Africa is such a complex place that you cannot even measure. I’ll give you an example.  The International Association of Universities (IAU) did work on doctoral studies in Africa. The University of Ilorin was one of the institutions involved. The report of the study undertaken and the recommendations therein were adopted by our university.  The University of Ilorin’s production of quality doctoral students increased radically between that time and now, because they worked with us and together we highlighted what could be improved – these are things you’re doing wrong, they made an x-ray of the university.  As a result the university invited all the university’s professors to a retreat for about four days. By the time we came back, we took it to Senate and our doctoral studies were no longer the same.


Professor Is-haq Oloyede, University of Ilorin



Le Secrétariat général du CAMES félicite l’Association internationale des universités pour cette initiative visant à créer des synergies entre les acteurs de l’Enseignement supérieur et de la Recherche dans le monde.

Assalih Jaghfar, CAMES 



With the gains and insights from such encounters, the University has been able to combine its keen vision for a globally-competitive standard of doctoral programmes with a sense of mission in actualising it. The result is striking as the University has become a true hub for doctoral research and training. From 19 doctoral graduates produced by the University in 2007, the number increased to 38 in 2008, 80 in 2009 and 83 in 2010. The figure declined a bit to 72 in 2011 but peaked again to 83 in 2012.

Abdul Ganiyu Ambali, University of Ilorin



 It's my pleasure that the University of Sadat city  participate by doctoral program on the Portal on Innovative Approaches to Doctoral Education in Africa (IDEA-PhD)  which provides information about doctoral education, mainly in Africa.

Mohamed Elshokery, University of Sadat City



To ensure the successful implementation of the policy, the Graduate School has been reaching out to regional and international higher education organizations and institutions like IAU in order to build a database of supervisors in different discipline from which the departments can choose from.

Michael Wainaina Mwaura, Kenyatta University





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