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CGHE Panel: The pandemic and the future of university education

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9 July 2020


The education offered by universities across the world has undergone sudden and dramatic changes in response to COVID-19. Teaching has been shifted online, forms of assessment have been changed, and students are mainly studying away from their higher education institutions. However, it is not clear what the long-term impacts on university education will be. To what extent will the approaches to university education that have emerged in response to the pandemic lead to lasting changes? What is the likely impact of these changes on the dominant forms of university education that will see in the future? Will these changes support the ability of university education to transform the life chances of all students or will they lead to the reinforcement of existing inequalities?

IAU member, Rhodes University, will be represented by Dr. Amanda Hlengwa and in company of:

Jenni Case, University of Cape Town (South Africa) and Virginia Tech (US)
Diana Laurillard, UCL Institute of Education
CHAIR: Paul Ashwin, Lancaster University


Webinar date: 9 July 2020

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